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Dear Colleagues,
after a succesful tour to `Le Printemps de Beyrouth´in Lebanon, we have the pleasure to announce 3 of Blanca Li´s productions at such prestigious summer-festivals as GREC, ESCORIAL and PERALADA in Spain.
A great opportunity not to be missed.

Blanca Li
07 July 2011 Festival GREC 

A show isn’t alive only when it’s being performed. When one of my works stops living I start to miss it immediately. That is what happened with Macadam Macadam. To bring the show back to life, an injection of new energy was needed, enriching it with new developments in street culture and its different forms of expression. I brought together a new team and I renewed certain aspects of the choreography. I didn’t want to concentrate just on the dancers’ virtuoso skill, but to highlight strongly contrasting styles and personalities. Macadam Macadam shows how people from different universes can cross frontiers, merging their energy with each other and inventing a shared alphabet. (Blanca Li)


Blanca Li

Work for nine dancers and pianist
 - After the painting by Hieronymus Bosch 

Created in June 2009 for the Montpellier Dance Festival

08 July 2011
Festival El Escorial 
03 August 2011 Festival Castell de Peralada

Garden of Earthly Delights is considered one of the most enigmatic pictorial works of all times. In the strictest of contemporary styles Blanca Li presents a new take on this sacrilegious work in which hell merges with heaven, the satirical with the moral and an obsession for sinning and eternal salvation become opposite poles that attract each other. Together with film-maker and acclaimed visual effects specialist Eve Ramboz, the choreographer found inspiration in the work of Bosch to speak about today's spaces of freedom, in which the dancers' bodies interrelate with the figures created by the Dutch painter.

Blanca Li

Choreography with 8 electro dancers 

22 August 2011 Festival DRAC 

After MACADAM MACADAM, which opened new representation areas for Hip Hop, and most recently `What a Circus!´ for the French collective `Jeu de jambes´, Blanca Li continues to put street culture on stage. Some encounters sound like exciting challenges and stimulate imagination.

With ELEKTRO KIF, Blanca plunges once again back into the urban dance universe, with its diversity, its constantly renewed creative identity. She puts electro dance away from pure performance in order to install it on a theatre scene, through a contemporaneous choreographic project.

I have always appreciated the stimulating and inventing exercise of submitting my creations to a musical or gestural constraint full of meaning and creativity, of creating a show at the edge of numerous universes in order to revive genres. (Blanca Li)

Blanca Li 

is a choreographer, a film director, a dancer and an actress. Whether performance, opera, video clip or feature film, she initiates and realises a great number of projects: I like to give life to all that’s in my brain. Not restricted to one style, she takes from a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression, from flamenco to classical ballet to hip-hop. With Blanca Li, everything begins, and ends, in the energy of movement and dance.

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