Joanna Dudley / Schneider TM - «LOUIS & BEBE» 

revival 15-17 April Sophiensaele Berlin


Dear IETM-Berlin visitors,

on the occasion of the next IETM meeting, BINDER + PARTNER BERLIN restages LOUIS & BEBE - 1 couple 3 lives 3 deaths 6 songs - by and with Joanna Dudley / Schneider TM from 15 - 17 April 2010  in the Berliner Sophiensaele.

LOUIS & BEBE presents a maverick couple on stage: Joanna Dudley and Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM. Joanna Dudley is a long time music theatre performer, Javanese pop queen and classically trained musician. Dirk Dresselhaus has one famed foot in the electro pop scene and the other firmly planted in the world of improvised noise. Together they are LOUIS & BEBE.
Whether brother and sister, evil twins or fated lovers, LOUIS & BEBE are two sides of the same coin. Like shamans, LOUIS & BEBE strip away their identities and find new ones, from human to animal and from animal to vegetable. The non-linear life lines of LOUIS & BEBE are punctuated by many deaths and accompanied by their own sound track of song & pop & noise.

By Rufus Didwiszus, Dirk Dresselhaus, Joanna Dudley
With Joanna Dudley and Dirk Dresselhaus
Direction Rufus Didwiszus Costumes Pieter Bax, Lights Jens Sethzman

A production by BINDER + PARTNER BERLIN and Sophiensaele.

Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Initiative New Music Berlin e.V., Australian Embassy Berlin, Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern Stockholm, Swedish Embassy Berlin.

For further information, please contact us in our Berlin office: BPB.

Joanna Dudley

has worked on numerous projects as a musician, composer and performer with Sasha Waltz, Thomas Ostermeier, Falk Richter, Les Ballets C de la B, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Heiner Goebbels. Pieces created include My Dearest My Fairest by and with Joanna and Juan Kruz Garaio de Esnaola and the music theatre piece colours may fade…for which she collaborated again with Esnaola and set designer/director Rufus Didwiszus. Other works include the BPB-productions The Scorpionfish in collaboration with Didwiszus which has toured Europe and Australia extensively and her collaboration with Didwiszus and the Flemish vocal ensemble Capilla Flamenca in Who Killed Cock Robin?. Her work has toured extensively throughout the world.

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Dirk Dresselhaus

Dirk Dresselhaus (a.k.a. Schneider TM)  played in Indie-/Noiserock- and Pop-Bands like Locust Fudge or Hip Young Things until he started  his elektronic music-project Schneider TM (City Slang, Mute, Earsugar) in ´97. He produced experimental Elektro-Freakpop- and Indie-Hits like ‚Reality Check’ or his praised „!The Smiths“-coverversion  The Light 3000’. Alongside with composing for film and theatre, he performs in noise-improv-bands such as Angel (with Ilpo Väisänen /Pan sonic) and Mr. Schmuck’s Farm (with the icelandic Cellist Hildur Gudnadottir/ Lost in Hildurness).             

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V.i.S.d.P.: Adolphe Binder
Editor: Annette Pussert
Fotos: Rufus Didwiszus, Jens Sethzman
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