World Premiere CASA AZUL - Marguerite Donlon and the Donlon Dance Company


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A new dance company with Binder + Partner Berlin will be put in the spotlight this month. A few days ago, Marguerite Donlon and her outstanding ensemble framed the ceremonial act for the Day of German Unity with her piece "43.1". Today, 9 October, her new world premiere, Casa Azul, inspired by Frida Kahlo, opens in Saarbrücken.

Dance creations by Marguerite Donlon are as unique in their movement quality as in their dramaturgical arc: sometimes poetic-melancholic, sometimes refractedly self-ironic. Visually overwhelming and choreographically expressive and intricate, Casa Azul focuses on Kahlo as an iconic 20th-century female painter: a voyage through the Mexican artist´s reservoir of motifs and symbols, it  brings a multitude of her paintings and surreal scenes alive.

"With her innovative style, her Irish humour and her use of different art forms, Marguerite Donlon has established the brightest profile for herself and the company in the dance scene of Germany and abroad." (ballet-tanz)

Since becoming resident at the Saarland State Theatre, otherwise known as Donlon Dance Company, in 2001, the ensemble has toured extensively throughout Europe, and visited the USA and South Korea. Donlon has also collaborated with the Franco-German TV culture channel ARTE on two films based on her work.

Donlon´s Giselle: Reloaded was nominated for the Prix Benois de la Danse. Her production of Romeo and Juliet was nominated for the major German theatre award, Der Faust, in the "best choreography" category. In 2007, Saarland´s Prime Minister awarded Donlon the Order of Merit.

From 8 to 11 October, under the artistic direction of Marguerite Donlon and arts-festival consultants Binder + Partner Berlin, the festival n.o.w. dance saar presents a variety of renowned international contemporary dance acts.


Casa Azul

Marguerite Donlon is one of Germany´s most successful choreographers. With her exceptional creations, she amuses, moves and electrifies her public. Her sensitive portrait of the famous painter Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul, is already sold out until January and has been invited to perform internationally.


With Casa Azul, Marguerite Donlon again stretches the artistic boundaries of dance, boldly addressing visual art in her choice of theme, as well as in her collaboration with artistic partners Ingo Bracke (video, set and lighting) and Claas Willeke (musical concept and composition). The outcome is a complex portrait of an artist, an era and a culture.

Donlon draws her ideas for this ballet evening not only from Kahlo's multi-hued artistic work but also from her journal entries, which in their imagery virtually cry out for translation into dancing pictures. Live Mexican music completes the evening.


Dates Saarland State Theatre:
October: 9, 16, 21 & 24
November: 6, 17 & 26
December: 3, 8 & 22
January: 9
February: 7 & 11


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Editor: Annette Pussert
English Editing: James Woodall
Photos: Bettina Stöß (stage photos), Oliver Möst (portait Donlon)
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