angriffe durch die kunst. angriffe auf die kunst.
making art. possible.
art.attack is a supporter and promoter of innovative performing artwork.
art.attack helps producing and presenting inwigorating contemporary stage-art.
art.attack is strongly committed to new, innovative and experimental work.
art.attack explores and refects new developments in the performing arts.
art.attack aims to develop dance as a challenging artform of contemporary relevance.
art.attack places emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.
art.attack acts with strong awareness of cultural diversity.
art.attack cherishes a commitment to equality and risk.
art.attack challenges traditional art-form boundaries.
art.attack examines the relationship between art and ideas.
art.attack explores hybridity and collaboration.
art.attack is theoratrical means interested in theory and academic reflections.
art.attack networks and connects artists, projects and nations.