New Times + New Forms


Today artists, theatres and festivals are competing for the attention of an audience that can choose from a huge range of activities. But it’s not only that – frustrated politicians have to be convinced to support one’s institution and the competitively driven media have to be seduced into focussing their attention to the exclusivity of one’s special programme. We think it’s time for you to stand up and face the essential questions:

How can I, as an artist or head of a theatre, company or festival, develop a unique profile? How do I find the balance between my own artistic vision and others’ expectations – be it spectators, sponsors, donors or partners? How can I convince new partners with innovative models? How do I deal with artistic ambitions, create a programme, and guarantee its smooth and perfect realisation?

New business forms and courageous partners will prove that it’s possible to combine innovation, artistic adventure, efficiency and circumspection. It’s our job to help you develop a perfect strategy and programme for your individual situation and challenge.

Our team of experts consists of artists,  programme directors, cultural managers, communication specialists, arts scholars, authors, architects and theatre professionals who have all profited from many years of work experience. All guarantee a competent advisory service and can also, if you wish, help you realise your visions. Our team consists of freelance partners, a fact that underlines the flexibility of our structure and the self-determination of our experts.