«Le Jardin des Délices»
Blanca Li Dance Company, Paris

Piece for 10 dancers
After a painting by Hieronymus Bosch - Triptych, 1504

«Garden of Earthly Delights, this major work by Hieronymus Bosch, combines fantastic and fantasmagoric, vegetal, mineral and animal reigns, realism and modernity of an approach that leaves classic iconography to set the religious spirit against a tormented humanity. I have always wanted to give movement to this pictural expression of a place where hell mingles with paradise, satire with morality, where the obsession of sins and salvation reaches an unequalled force. In my creations I like to mix various modes of expression. Here the work of Eve Ramboz, specialist in digital visual effects, who has already made two films on paintings by Bosch, will come in dialogue and interaction with my choreographic work.»
Blanca Li

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