Blanca Li

Blanca Li is a choreographer, a film director, a dancer and an actress. Whether in performance, opera, video clip or feature film, she initiates and realises a great number of projects: not restricted to one style, she works in a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression, from flamenco to classical ballet to hip-hop. With Blanca Li everything begins and ends in the energy of movement and dance.

Born in Granada, Spain, she studied in New York with Martha Graham before setting up her own dance company in Paris, where she has created eleven choreographic pieces since 1993. The Opéra de Paris commissioned her to create Les Indes Galantes and the ballet Shéhérazade. She was director of the BerlinBallett at the Komische Oper from 2001 to 2002.
Familiar with the cinema as a choreographer, she wrote and directed her first feature film, Le Défi, as a tribute to American musical comedies translated to the world of French hip-hop and inspired by her 2002 show, Macadam Macadam.