«The Scorpionfish»
Joanna Dudley & Schneider TM

The Scorpionfish is the fourth music theatre piece by Joanna Dudley that explores the parameters of the voice and is also her second solo performance. Since the lyrical My Dearest...My Fairest, the world repertoire of song in He Taught me to Yodel, and the surealism of colours may fade with friction Joanna Dudley now celebrates the art of the old time show entertainer- embracing the timeless fasciantion with all things exotic and erotic. To bring this world to life in all it's colour, The Scorpionfish uses the colourful palette of the modern and ancient world of Asia, specifically the tropical island and chaotic metropolis of Java. Drawing on the Javanese night life- pop song and dance numbers will feature as well as the mysticism and sensuality of ancient Javanese song and courtly dance.