«The Scorpionfish»
Joanna Dudley & Schneider TM

Javanese Kroncong was “the” nightclub music of the 60's throughout Asia- sung and danced throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and China and is still popular to this day. Inspired by the sentimental outpouring of Portuguese Fado, the voice is accompanied by an eclectic combination of
Javanese gamelan instruments and instruments
from the west.
The most reknown interpreter and pioneer of the Kroncong is the diva Waldjinah who recently
featured on the soundtrack of Wong Kar Wei's
film, "In the Mood for Love". During Joanna
Dudley's time living in Java she was taken
under Waldjinah's wing and was taught
the art of the Kroncong. She performed
with Waldjiah throughout Java, live
and for television.